Worlds Away

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We're Worlds Away.

Worlds Away is a brand new actual-play storytelling podcast from Jon Ossip, Helie Dharia, Michael Morales, Mo Shatara, and Lauren Wilbanks.

We’re five close friends who love to play games and create heartfelt stories together. On Worlds Away, we use role-playing games to build new worlds for you and our characters to explore. Join us at the table and discover the futuristic, the fantastic, and everything in between.

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Discover the World of Convergence

Worlds Away’s first season, Convergence, begins 250 years in our future. Humanity is an interstellar species, and has just survived its first civil war in space. The story follows the Minerva Project, a mission sent into the Verge—the home of all known life outside of Earth.

While their mission begins as a push for unity with Earth’s former colonies, the four members of the Minerva Project crew will soon learn a secret that threatens the future of humanity’s presence in space.

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Worlds Away is a finalist for the Best New Production category.

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Meet the Crew of the Minerva Project

Portrait of a tan-skinned man with a sharp, bearded jaw and medium-length hair wearing a purple jacket adorned with a red flower. Nasir is gazing down contemplatively at a green orb in his left hand, with two fingers dyed a deep mulberry color. The background is of a night sky with two suns.

Mo Shatara is Nasir Baydaq, the Icon.

A political figure made famous after tragedy struck his family, Nasir was once an engineer who called the Verge his home. 

As he returns to humanity’s frontier for the first time in years, Nasir will also face the past that he tried to leave behind.

Lauren Wilbanks is Mara Belova, the Intellect.

As Chief Technology Officer of Genesynth, Mara is the scientist responsible for the crops that allowed humanity to thrive in the Verge, and to eventually gain their independence from Earth. 

On this mission, she’ll be forced to leave the comfort and routine of her life on Earth, as she encounters first-hand the results of her work and the realities of life across the stars.

Portrait of a light-skinned woman with light brown hair in a jacket with a green floral pattern. An orb floats by Mara's head as she gazes off with a serious expression. The background is blue with an abstract double helix pattern in yellow and red.
Portrait of a brown-skinned woman with bright blue hair and matching eyeshadow staring out to her right. Overlaid on Lila's clothing is a white brick wall covered in a partially-completed mural of two shadowy figures facing one another. She wears an earring shaped like an orb. The background is a swirling starry sky dotted with planets.

Helie Dharia is Lila Malik, the Mystic.

A top student of the elite Saito institute, Lila is a trained conciliator, capable of bringing others into her mind to understand and resolve their disputes.

Her unparalleled talents have earned her a place in the Minerva Project, but the truth behind her success could put everything at risk.

Michael Morales is Arnaud Hynes, the Warhorse.

A member of FSOC—the Fleet Special Operations Command—and a veteran of humanity’s only war in space, Arnaud has spent his career protecting Earth’s unified Republic from outside threats.

But as he unexpectedly joins the Minerva Project crew, Arnaud will learn that the greatest dangers to the Republic may come from within.

Portrait of a bald light-skinned man staring intensely straight ahead. Arnaud wears a dark blue military-style jacket decorated with dark blue ocean waves. The background is blue with a fiery orange sun. An orb hangs to the side of Arnaud's head, casting a shadow on his face.

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