Worlds Away

Season 1: Convergence

Lightyears away from home, our fate in the galaxy hangs in the balance.

Two and a half centuries into our future, humanity has just survived its first interstellar civil war. On one side is Earth and its unified Republic, founded on the principles of solidarity and progress. 

On the other is Aventine, humanity’s first planetary colony and part of the nearby galactic region known as the Verge—home of all known planets beyond Earth that support human life.

Four strangers have been chosen as the crew of the Minerva Project, Earth’s last-ditch effort to reunite with our siblings across the stars.

But as their journey begins, what started as a diplomatic mission transforms into something more: a search for answers that all of humanity will depend on.



Helie Dharia as Lila Malik

Michael Morales as Arnaud Hynes

Mo Shatara as Nasir Baydaq

Lauren Wilbanks as Mara Belova

Gamemaster: Jon Ossip

Guest Starring (in order of appearance): Emily R., Madeline Marie, Billy Burchfield, Jon Branch, Stan Ferguson

Additional Narration by R. C. Ossip


Edited by Jon Ossip and Lauren Wilbanks

Additional Editing by Helie Dharia

Music by Jon Ossip

Cover Art by Lazare Gvimradze

Character Art by Evelyne Park

Logo Design by R. C. Ossip

Web Design by Helie Dharia

Transcription by Darshita Dharia, Helie Dharia, and Michael Morales

Promotions and Sponsorships: Helie Dharia

Merchandise and Fan Support: Michael Morales

Additional Promotions: Mo Shatara

Produced by Jon Ossip